Who is Responsible?

Look at this quote! Think about it. What do you feel, or think?

The governing bodies we vote for or even those we do not but grab power, generally do so on a promise of making our lives better and looking after us, ‘the public.’

So now that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything, why is it that the governments are relying on the public to raise money to help and support those adversely affected by the situation? Where are the governments to take care of those who are really destitute?

We continually feed the ego of our politicians, allow them to manipulate us, for them to eventually do only the minimum possible when people become destitute. It seems that it’s about power and not service as is always promised before each election. 

I have faith that people still have basic humanity left in them, however, the governments though made of people have become collectively, authorities that continue to look at their profits and future gains in monetary terms. We the public are mere puppets for their agenda.

It is time to call quits to this collective collusion of an unproductive system and start organizing on how we can live in peace and harmony. History teaches us that we have made so many mistakes, let’s avoid making more going ahead.

People who started most of these systems are no longer alive, we do not have to carry on this way because that is how it’s always been. We can change things for the better. The pandemic is a good kick in the backside to motivate us. Things are not working, we are getting deeper into the sands of disconnection from each other and ourselves. Let us do it.

The general public has their hands full and is just about coping with their life demands and as humans we cannot ignore that so many are or on the brink of starvation and homeless. If the government in all their power still allows this to happen, what use is the power wielded?

On days when I go out to get milk people to walk alongside me in the hope of getting food. I hear stories of people who have not been paid by their corporate employers and are struggling and hear of people who have been homeless as a result of not making rent. Regardless of what the law says there are unscrupulous people who will do this.

Either governments need to fulfil their promises or give control over to those that will. 

It’s time to change the things we cannot accept!

Written by Kaz Halei.

To Read more by Kaz Halei go to https://www.theworldwhisperer.com

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