Welcome to YourKAL

It has never been more important to take care of your physical & mental wellbeing. YourKAL gives you the tools to help you do that, along with some of our most popular classes, with our own instructors in one place, both on demand & live streamed.

During November, all content within YourKAL will be free of charge for anyone who downloads the app.

Download the KAL App

To access YourKAL & YourKAL Live you will need the KAL app, then simply follow these steps;

  • If you’re new to the KAL app you can download it
  • Open the KALapp and go to your favourite club
  • You can select your favourite club via “My Clubs” in the drop down menu
  • You will then see two tiles
  • YourKAL (purple background) – this is our on demand service
  • YourKAL Live (orange background) – this is where you will find live streamed classes
  • You may be asked to update your app when you first click on one of these tiles.

In YourKAL Live, you will find our live streaming classes listed by time on a day by day basis.

  • Simply select the class you want to participate in prior to its start time
  • Click “Livestream” at the bottom of the page
  • You will need to read & agree to the statement that appears   
  • The stream will then start at the allocated time.

In YourKAL you will find our on demand library

  • You can scroll through these classes and select any class you want at any time.
  • Select your class & hit play
  • You will need to read & agree to the statement
  • The class will then start.

We will issue a timetable in the app so you can plan the classes you want to take part in as you would do if you were attending a centre.

If you are new to using our app here is a short video on how to get started.

We really hope you enjoy taking part in these classes in the comfort of your own home & that over the next few weeks, especially, they provide a little bit of normality to your lives.

Stay Healthy; Stay Safe

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