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Originally this was going to be a video ‘application’ for an ‘opportunity’ which came my way earlier in the summer. While planning I realised how much work I have put in for others and the impact my work has had on a number of people from all walks of life/backgrounds yet would still focus on the shit I haven’t done to tick their boxes lol not to mention the microaggression and racism I have had and witnessed co-workers go through and nothing been done about it. I ain’t even mad though. 

I’ll speak on that at a later date. To me that ‘opportunity’ was only going to be another employer wanting to take credit for MY work and MY ideas no matter how much they were offering. And to be real my work is worth more, There ain’t no price of me. 

So, I said let me just do it myself. I did plan to put it out on My Birthday 17th September but due to the loss I had I held out…

I have no gimmicks to tell anyone. I have seen badness and injustice but was never in the midst of it. Not done road not been in no gang. Just walked my own path and did everything with a clean heart. Still had my fair share of issues with police but I’m clean so I’m good. Someone once told me ‘You don’t know nothing about the streets. I do I just know myself and see the bigger picture and I am a Father so me risking my Life or freedom isn’t worth it. 

Not to say I am better than anyone because same time I understand why people do what they do. But I am a Black Man I been Black my whole Life. I ain’t any smarter than the next I just been through a lot which made me mature at a young age and helped me see the bigger picture from early so now I aspire to inspire others to do the same. 

We must forget anything that doesn’t serve us any purpose. Cut off all negativity. There is enough out there for everyone to get theirs without having to tear down the next person. Get your bag let everyone else get theirs and enjoy Life whilst you still got it because it can be taken so quickly.. – Trikz

Please note I DO NOT own any copyrights to any Music used in this video. 

Recorded & Edited by Myself (Trikz)

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