This page is dedicated to George Floyds' memory, all the unlawful killings of Black people and the Black Lives Matter movement to offer young people a safe place to make their voice count!

We know so many young people have been shocked and outraged about the death of George Floyd and the circumstances in which it happened.

Conscious Youth stand in solidarity with young people to ensure Black Lives Matter and have social action at the heart of what we do. We already have a programme of work that honours young people’s voices and we will be building on this further in the next few months, to develop our youth leaders in Kirklees.

There are protests happening in the US and in UK and we know young people will want to be involved in local protests from organising to attending. We respect this.

We want to have your voices heard safely - we don’t want you to be at risk of COVID, so we have made this page so you can:

Be Heard, BE Safe