LGBT+ History Month

February is here, and there’s plenty of reasons to celebrate: you’ve got through January, it’s the shortest month of the year and it’s also LGBT+ History Month.

Every year, there are tons of excellent events to access online and numerous ways that you can help the community; whether you’re an ally, or you’re LGBTQ+ yourself. We’ve got what you need to know about LGBT+ History Month, where it started, and how you can get in on the action.

What is LGBT History Month?

LGBT+ History Month in the UK is every February, and in October in the US and Canada.

It’s a celebration that encourages further education into LGBTQ+ issues, the history of the gay rights movement, and promotes an overall safer and more inclusive society where the varied spectrum of sexuality and gender is universally accepted and spoken about openly.

The theme this year is Body, Mind, Spirit.

How you can get involved in LGBT History Month

Coronavirus won’t stop the community coming together to learn and to support one another – there is a calendar with the hundreds of digital events and more you can find online.

There’s also LGBT merchandise you can buy, and posters you can print for free to spread the word. You can also follow the group on social media to stay updated on queer issues and offer your help when the occasion arises. There are several accounts where you can keep up with the work, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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