At Kirklees Young Carers we work with people age 8-25 who care for a family member. 

Nobody knows better than children and young people what their lives are really like. We’re here to listen to them and help them get the support they need. We’re serious about that. 


  • give young carers advice and emotional support through 1:1 sessions. 
  • help the family get support from other services
  • talk to a young carer’s school, so teachers understand their situation and can be supportive.
  • Volunteer peer support workers. 
  • Emotional well-being groups, evenings during term time.  
  • Young Adult Carers Groups – Evenings.
  • Holiday activities- Social outings to various sports and leisure facilities.
  • run drop-ins where young carers can take a break, have fun, be a child – and meet other young carers.
  • We work at your pace and involve you in decisions about your support.


Barnardo’s Young Carers is based at Brian Jackson House in Huddersfield town centre, across the road from the bus station . However, our staff will travel to you anywhere in Kirklees. We can meet at a place you choose such as your home or school. 


First of all we will visit you and your family at home to find out more about you and they type of support you and your family might need.  We call this an initial assessment.  We will then allocate you a worker who will meet with you and agree on an ‘action plan’ which is like a list of goals or things we need to do to support you and make a difference.

For 1 to 1 sessions, we often meet in school and find a quiet room. However, we can meet at a place that you choose. We usually run evening groups at Brian Jackson House in Huddersfield or other community venues. Staff running the groups will pick you up and drop you off at home. 

We’ve had to change the way we work during lockdown.  A lot of our groups and 1:1 sessions are now online using ZOOM.  Once we can meet in person we hope to be able to offer a variety of different ways of working both face to face and online.


You can contact us by email at [email protected] or call Liz on 07703381780 or Sylvia on 07710183369

MAKE A REFERRAL! – anyone can make a referral and we encourage young carers to contact us directly if they need support. Here’s a link to our referral form

WHO’S WHO at KIRKLEES Young Carers?

’’My name’s Jan, and I’ve worked for KYC for 5 years as a Project Worker.

I work individually with young carers, as well as in groups.

I’ve been a youth worker in lots of different settings, and I’ve worked with lots of young people all over Yorkshire.

I really like it when young carers meet each other, and I can see them making friends, and realising they’re not alone.

I like making things; so I enjoy art, and being crafty.’’

’’Hi, my name is Ste I work as a project worker at Kirklees Young Carers. I work with lots of young people who have a caring role for a family member. I have worked at Barnardo’s for over 2 years and prior to this I volunteered with Barnardo’s. I love my job and I love working with these amazing young people. When I’m not at work I love to play and watch football and to go on hikes and camping weekends with friends and family’’.

’’Hi, my name is Sylvia and I’m what is called the ‘service manager’.  I oversee the service and work with our funders to develop the service we deliver to young carers.  I’ve worked at Barnardo’s for 11 years and I’m 100% committed to young carers.  I think they are amazing, inspiring and I’ve learned so much from them.  Outside of work, I love dogs, swimming and being outdoors’’.

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’’I’m Aneesa, a senior project worker at Barnardo’s. I help lots of Young Carers by talking to them, running groups and doing lots of fun activities with them.
My favourite activity so far has to be the Easter Egg hunt we did, of course it had nothing to do with getting to eat the chocolates.
I love working with Young Carers because they are kind, caring and so much fun to be with’’.

My name is Amanda and I’ve worked with Young Carers for 12 years.

I started my journey with Young Carers when I did my university work placement and from then I’ve never wanted to do anything else!

It’s great when I get to see Young Carers join in activities and meet others who are in a similar situation. I especially enjoy seeing Young Carers improve their social skills, have fun and make life -long friends.

Outside of work I love shopping! I like warm weather and I love animals.

’’Hi I’m Liz, I’m the team manager at Barnardo’s Kirklees Young Carers. I support the team day to day and also run our group for Young Adult Carers (YACs!) for carers aged 16-25 years. I love working with the team and have met fantastic young people during my time with the service. In my free time I enjoy getting outside running and walking and spending time with my family’’.

Watch this space!  We are so excited to be working with Kirklees Youth Alliance and plan to involve young carers in writing stuff for this blog.  If you’re a young carer in Kirklees and you’d like to share your story or experiences on this blog, contact us and let us know.

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